• Who is

We are an all inclusive holiday & event decorating company!

  • Who does decorate for?

residential, commercial, h.o.a. & property MANAGEMENT companies.

  • What kind of decorating options are available at

exterior & interior options.

  • What does supply?

We supply everything!

all lighting & decorations including labor & materials.

  • Is it every too late in the season for your lighting and decorating installations?

never. we decorate all year long including holidays!

  • Can I reserve in advance for next years holidays?


    all new clients who reserve our installations for the 2019 season

    will save when they are placed by the end of our 2018 season!

  • How much does it cost to light trees outside ?

we charge for each INDIVIDUAL strand used.

Pricing will depend on the size & height of your trees along with the make & style of the lights you choose.

(estimates can be given once seen in person.)

  • How much does it cost to light landscapes?

we charge per INDIVIDUAL strand.

(estimates can be given once seen in person.)

  • How much does it cost to light rooflines?

we charge per foot used.

Pricing will depend on the length and height of your roofline along with the make and style of the lights you choose. (estimates can be given once seen in person.)

  • How much does it cost to deliver and set up an Artificial or Fresh cut Christmas tree inside my home or business?

we charge by the foot.

Pricing will depend on the height, width & choice of the tree pine you choose.

Also on the location the tree will be placed and if it will be fully decorated or not.

Price includes the removal. Including recycling when choosing a Fresh cut tree.

(estimates can be given once seen in person.)

  • Do I have to supply any of the lights or decorations?

No. we supply all lighting and decorations.

  • Can put up our lights and decorations we may already own?

No. We supply EVERYTHING for the quality & control of our installations.

  • Do we have to be home when you decorate the outside?

no. Only when we decorate the interiors.

  • What types of lighting do you use?

we use commercial grade INCANDESCENT & L.e.d. lighting.

  • What lighting color choices and bulb styles do you have?

we have lighting in all colors and bulb style!

  • Do we have to commitment to the lighting & decorations choices that we use from you every year?

no. you can change it each year.

since we supply everything

there will never be any COMMITMENTS!

you can choose from any color of lights & bulb styles at anytime.

  • What type of decorations does have?

Our collection is big!

anything our client wants we will get for them!

  • When do you start your holiday decorating installations?

We decorate for the HOLIDAYS all year long!

tell what holiday & when you want us to start.

  • When do you take down your displays?

as soon as our clients request us to. weather permitting.

  • When should I place my order?

    as soon as possible please.

between client REFERRALS & advertising our schedules fill up fast.

  • What do I do if there are any problems with my lighting or decoration installation?

    call or text us and we will SCHEDULE you a technician within 24 hours.

    When are you available?

  • we are available 7 days a week!

  • What else does decorate?

all holidays, Parties & events.


Do you have any photography of your work?

our website has lots of photography of our work.

please select here to view our work.

Call us today with any other questions you may have!