Here is how it works!

From exterior to interior we have everything covered for you…. supplies all of the decorations for you.

First we send a designer out to your home.

They will go over all of the best decorating options that best fit your property, personality and budget.

Secondly we come up with an all inclusive decorating package designed just for you.

Choose from one of our elegant front door doorway arches adorned with fresh or artificial garland and lights. To a complete home decorating package that includes lighted landscapes, rooflines and much more!

All while making sure everything looks and everything feels as if it belongs and nothing is out of place.

Since supplies all of the lighting and decorations for you. There will never be any commitment to the choice of lights or decorations you choose.

That means we can give your home a completely new look year after year.

Feel like Multi Colored Lights in year one?

Clear Lights year two?

How about Solid Colors in year three?

Even choose from Custom Colors too!

Incandescent and L.E.D. lighting are both available lighting options!

Both options are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Its all your choice!


WE want you to! absolutely loves to decorate!

Making the holidays more fun and memorable for everyone!

Once our displays are installed our service does not stop there….. not only does the installation and removal of all our decorations and lights.

But we also maintain the performance, integrity and safety of the installation all season long too!

All residential clients will receive a technician out at their property within 24 hours 7 days a week!

We love to admire our work like everyone else does!

Thats why at we send our technicians to do routine property maintenance checkups on all of our lighting and decorating installations all season long during the holidays.

That way We get to admire our work!

You get to enjoy it!

All while insuring the performance, integrity and safety of our decorating and lighting installations. wants their clients to be happy they’ve chosen us to decorate!

Keeping properties looking beautiful year after year!

while Exceeding every expectation!

At we really love the holidays!

Not only will you, your family and friends love all of our work……

So will all your neighbors too!

We guarantee it!

At we believe in 100% customer satisfaction!

We absolutely love to decorate!

You can tell in our work! makes the holidays fun and memorable for everyone!

We really take pride in giving our clients unparalleled customer service.

With an abundant amount of attention to detail in all of our work which results in repeat business year after year. would like to absolutely thank you for your time and interest!

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