Captivating your employees, tenants & guests with one light & decoration at a time!!!


Commercial, H.O.A. and Property Management customers can rest assured that when they choose they will be choosing one of the best all inclusive exterior and interior holiday and event decorators in the business. We design, install, maintain & remove all holiday decorations.

We supply everything! knows what a special time of year it is for everyone! Let us create something captivating and magical for all of your employees, tenants and guests to enjoy.

We create the holiday magic!

Our staff is very dependable, experienced, knowledgeable, courteous and professional. We offer outstanding customer support and we are continually keeping up with the newest decor trends and technology to make sure your property is always looking perfect during the holidays!

Want a Traditional or Old Fashion look that’s not a problem.

How about a new decor trend?

Choose from our collection of lighting and decorations.

. offers L.E.D. lighting to keep your energy costs down.

By using L.E.D. lighting compared to incandescent the results on your energy bill will be significantly lower.

80-90% lower!

 *Only commercial grade lighting and the highest grade quality decorations are used. loves to create!

So when we have the opportunity to step outside the box.

We are all for it!

Want something out of the ordinary let us know.

We are ready for a challenge!

We strive on exceeding our clients expectations.

Our services are all streamlined and stress free which will allow Commercial, HOA and Property Management to focus on other property related matters at hand. Leaving all the decorating up to the professionals.

 Call today and we will send out one of our designers for a free consultation!

They will go over all the lighting and decorating options that best fit your vision and budget.

*Discounts are available when grouping your properties together! would like to absolutely thank you for your interest!

Please take a look through our WEBSITE and PHOTO GALLERY for a complete list our services!